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  Reviews 2002  - 6001T Kitchen / Shipping Scale

The 6001T ®   

  • Capacity 6000g 

  • Readability  1.0g

  • Accuracy (as tested): ±1g

  • Modes: Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms

  • Tare: Yes

  • Calibration:  Digital Auto Calibration

  • Warranty:  Lifetime / 30 Years (no fees)

  • included Accessories:  Alkaline 9v Battery

  • Size: 7" x  6"

  • Price (avg) $59

The My Weigh 6001T is a beautiful scale.  We were impressed by the great modern look of this scale.  Our office staff was excited to put this model to some real-world tests so we allowed them to use it for a week of day to day shipping and mailing.    At the end of the week we had a hard time getting the scale back from our staff - they loved it!

With the recent increases in postal rates,  accurate scales have become an absolute necessity.  In older, less expensive times it was adequate to use a scale that read within 5 grams.  However,  now 1 gram (or even 0.1gram) accuracy has become essential for letter and small parcel mailing.  For instance,  if your small package weighs 439 grams you pay one rate,  but if it's 440 grams you pay almost TWICE as much!  And - if your scale is not accurate and you ship a 440 gram package with too little postage you risk having the items returned weeks later with "postage due" on them (if the post office doesn't lose it).   That being said,  most offices and mailrooms have upgraded to the more modern better accurate scales like the 6001T.

Another important use of the 6001 is for the kitchen.  With our modern demanding diets and recipes, it's important to have a precise scale in the kitchen - after all a little too much of this and a little too few of that and BAM, you've got an exploded soufflé!

The capacity of the 6001T is 6000 grams (13.2 lbs) and it reads in 1 gram increments (0.1oz) throughout the entire capacity.  Accuracy was surprisingly good,  the scale was accurate plus or minus 1.0g throughout our testing spectrum.    Durability was also great - we dropped the scale from desk height many times and it still worked fine.

Overall:  Home / Office Perfect!

Every Home and office should have one of these beauties.  It'll save you time, money and a lot of bad eating :)

COMPARE:  What is the difference between the My Weigh 6001 and the Salter 1306 or the Escali / Generic:

1) ACCURACY: The My Weigh uses a professional grade sensor that is RECALIBRATABLE - The Escali and Salter are NOT Recalibratable (that means they are not as accurate as the 6001 and you cannot recalibrate them to make them more accurate)

2) MEMORY: The 6001 always defaults to the last unit used (your choice of the 4 units it weighs in):  So if you are weighing in LB mode and you turn the scale OFF and then back ON, it will go back to LB mode.  The Escali and Salter always default back to Grams (or decimal ounce) mode.  This can be quite frustrating to have to put the scale back to LB mode every time you want to weigh in LB.

3) COUNTING: The 6001 offers "Count Weighing".  This is a innovative feature where you put an item on the scale,  press TARE,  put another item on the scale,  press TARE again,  then you can press TARE one more time and the combined weight of the items will display.  You can do this for up to 8 items at once.  The Escali and Salter do NOT have this feature

4) SPEED:  The 6001 gives instantaneous 1-second readings whereas the Salter takes 3 seconds to give a reading and the Escali takes 4 full seconds. This again is because of the cheaper components used in the Salter and Escali Scales.  The 6001 uses the FSCII advanced chip that is 10 times faster then the older conventional weighing integrated circuits. (Tests done at full load, tested at time to stable reading.)

5) POWERBecause of the FSCII advanced chip,  the 6001 has more then 2 times the battery life of the conventional Salter or Escali.  The FSCII chip has in integrated AD converter and other advanced power saving features that basically doubles battery life.  Also the 6001 and the Salter both come with an Alkaline Battery whereas the Escali and no-name scales come with a cheaper general purpose battery.

6) PEACE OF MIND:  My Weigh and Salter are two large and well known scale companies.  Both Salter and My Weigh have offices worldwide and are very well respected brands.  Escali and other no-name scales are not scale companies,  they're just importers who don't manufacture any products  (Click HERE to learn more about various Scale Brands) .  Thus if you purchase a Salter or My Weigh you are buying peace of mind, knowing that a real company stands behind the product, and will for many years to come.

Recommendations:  Be sure to buy a Genuine My Weigh 6001 or Salter 1306*. We found a cheap "Escali" brand scale on Ebay that looked similar to the 6001 but was much lower quality and really disappointed us when we tested it.  We soon found out that looks can be deceiving...

As always, you get what you pay for so be aware that although scales may look similar, they are often completely different.



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