Best .01 gram scale?

Just looking for the best .01 gram scale or even .001


need something backlit and preferably with a larger also metal weighing area


i was looking at the Jennings Mack 100


but it sucks because it doesnt have a flat weighing area.


thanks in advance,


Benny G

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I haven't tested a Mack yet

I haven't tested a Mack yet so I can't give you an answer.  I have here an iBalance 601  600g x 0.01 that works really quite supberb and also a Ohaus Scout 400 400g x 0.01.

Both have a flat weighing surface and both would probably be very good choices for you.  If you need something more portable that might be a bit of a problem though.

For 0.01 pocket scales there is a lot out there - if you can spend more and buy something 'better' then of course please do it!


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