General Questions about scales or specific models

Micro PF-1 digital scale

I bought a Micro PF-1 digital scale, but I didn't get a manual or any instructions with it. Does anyone know where I can get a manual?

Need help finding scale for UPS worldship.

I need a digital scale for medium to large box shippments.  I use the UPS worldship software.

I was going to go with PELOUZE H-479

but then I saw this one at the Post office website. The USPS 330lb Digital scale.  It has a nice large display compared to the Pelouze. Is it any good? or should I go with somthing else ?



Do you recognize this scale?

I'm looking for the manufacturer and model number of the scale in this picture:

Can anyone help me out?  I have one I bought second-hand, and the warranty is non-transferrable.  A couple of the LCD digits are acting up, and I'd like to see if it's cheaper to repair it, or if the manufacturer will honor the warranty.


My Weigh EZ550


I just saw a new My Weigh EZ550.  Are these scales reliable?

"blade" or "switch" style pocket scales - what's the deal?

Hi - it's early 2009; I've noticed a few pocket scales are available with a pocket-knife style fold-away display, and would like to know more about this phenomenon.

There is a My Weigh "Switch 600", available from oldwillknott but not listed on the My Weigh website; there is also an American Weigh "blade scale", available in different colors and capacities, listed on the American Weigh website.

Digital Scales Manufactured (and Sold) in Taiwan

I live in Taiwan, and I'd like to buy a digital scale for weighing coffee and dosing espresso, strictly for home use.  I'd like 2000g capability and .1g accuracy, at least a 1-minute wait before auto shutoff (2 minutes would be better), a power adapter, tare feature , and the ability to weigh water while I'm pouring it into a French press and have immediate results as I'm pouring.  I'd like something smallish, relatively accurate (I'm not making jewlery, I'm making coffee and espresso), not too expensive, and not too ugly.  Good quality is important (naturally, or I wouldn't be here).

Digiwegh DWP-1001 table top scale?

Do you have any experience with this scale? It has very attractive features and I am considering buying it. It has 1200 X 0.1 g capacity. I also saw exactly the same model with advertized 1000 x 0.1 g capacity. Which one is right?

 I am a little concerned about accuracy. It is not for business use, but I would still like to see a decent linearity. Does it have a re-calibration feature? I know, you do not recommend this brand. Does it still have a bad reputation?

Thanks upfront form any help you can provide.

Weighmeter Technology

Has anyone heard of the weighmeter technology?  I've seen the My Weigh and Jscale brands using this.  What is the advantage?

Which My Weigh: 400-Z or MX-500?

I'd like to know which scale is more accurate and is overall the better one.

These two are the only ones that are in my budget.




Ohaus V31X6 (Horrible Accuracy?)

Has anyone else experienced horrible accuracy with the Ohaus Valor Xtreme 3000 (V31X6)?  I posted a video of the "4-corner test" I performed on it:

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