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Kitchen Scales 2.0
" Making Cooking Easy and Fun"

The future of kitchen scales is at hand. They are used not only for baking and cooking but also for zillions of other uses. From baking to weighing out meals users are finding these scales to save time and money. Today we will be taking a look at a few models which we think are the top of the line in their field. We will be looking at new features and ways to make the user experience very enjoyable.

MyWeigh KD-8000

Let’s get started with the My Weigh KD-8000. The KD-8000 is an upgrade from the previous KD-7000. The KD-8000 has a few very cool features that have been added to make weighing easier and it sits alone in its class. The biggest change from the KD-7000 to the KD-8000 is the new Baker's Math/Percentage Weighing function. The primary function is so bakers can weigh their ingredients in proportion to the main ingredient they are using. This can save a user time and in the long run save you some money. Also, measuring this way allows for you to make as little or as much as you want easier. I enjoyed the stainless steel platform on this model as well. It really made cleaning up and easy experience. The scale also offers a large capacity which expands your options. The KD-8000 weighs up to 8000 grams (17.2 pounds) in 1 gram increments (0.05oz). It reads in 5 standard modes in order to match with any possible worldwide recipe. Some recipes are in ounces, some are in grams, some are in kilograms, while others are in pounds or even pounds:ounce. The KD-8000 covers them all. The KD series all feature an innovative splash guard to protect the LCD and keypad from accidental liquid spills. They come with an additional soft keypad cover to further protect the area. These protections add to the feel of a “lifetime scale” that will likely be the last kitchen scale you’ll ever buy.

ProScale Elise

Next the Proscale Elise is a great model for on the go use. The scale is very thin yet can handle a good amount of weight. The scale is only about 0.4 inches in height, and can handle up to 11 pounds of weight. The scale can fit easily in a briefcase, purse or backpack (or in the kitchen drawer next to your pots and pans). Another helpful feature about the model is the 4 different weighing modes, not to mention a large display which is very easy to read. I was very impressed by the accuracy and speedy weight response time for this scale as well. It really stood out for me when comparing it to other models. It definitely didn’t have the features or that commercial quality feel of the KD, but for a thin & light scale it will certainly do the job.

MyWeigh 1Scale

Last but certainly not least is the new My Weigh 1Scale. The 1Scale has a great look and some very handy features as well. The 1Scale is equipped with a 5000 gram capacity and is accurate to the gram as well. It has a cool touch panel on the glass platform which is very sanitary. All you do is place your finger over the button and the scale turns on. This will help so that nothing spills and get inside your buttons. The scale also has rubberized feet that will help the scale from sliding around. This scale as well has a very low profile, a bit bigger but only 0.7 inches tall. This still gives you a ton of room to weigh in. This is a beautiful scale with great accuracy and consistency as well. The smooth glass top is the feature that really stands out, this is the easiest scale to clean out of the lot.

“These aren’t your grandma’s kitchen scales”. At the end of the day this is the future of kitchen scales. The sleek new designs as well as the larger capacity yet higher accuracy scales are the way of the future. We’re impressed with these weighing devices and how much easier they made our simple batch of carob nut brownies to bake. We’re always excited to see new products emerge and are looking forward to the next big thing to come out. We’ll keep you posted as new weighing devices emerge that are worth mentioning!


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